Jagaban Episode 23 Download Video Mp4 – Full Movie Episode (War & Revenge)


Jagaban episode 23 is finally out for watch and download on YouTube. Watch the final war between Jagaban squad, Sibi and Aboy in this episode 23 download. Have you been searching for Jagaban episode 23, Jagaban episode download, episode 23 download mp4, Jagaban episode full episode download, download video mp4, full movie, download full episode?… Then this post is for you.

If you have not watched the Episode 22, Click here to watch Jagaban episode 22 download.

Jagaban has become one of the most famous action movie from Nigeria after SELINA TESTED on YouTube. The story start from the campus to holy ground. And it now getting more interesting as JAGABAN has grown up to become a beast and Aboy has come to fear him, even sibi and chiboy. The movie is written by: DADDY GLITTER Shot in: port Harcourt city.

Jagaban Episode 23 Download

Watch the full movie episode and download on youtube at holy ghost concept channel.

Click here to watch and download

The end is very close, crossing marine is their choice of war and now they are back… The movie Jagaban Episode 23 is here. Watch out for Episode 23 full video on Youtube.com and don’t forget to share this post.


  1. Markangel
  2. K brown
  3. Odogwu of SELINA TESTED
  4. Aboy
  5. Tallest
  6. Chiboy
  7. Otuaka of SELINA TESTED
  8. Emma etukudo
  9. Obueze etc….


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