Is Passionsf1.com Legit or Scam? Read before Passionsf1 Login or Register | Passionsf1 Review

Passionsf1 is the world’s most stable investment income platform that sells and provide equipment to car racing companies. It is a newly launched investment platform trending on social media that allows you earn money by performing simple tasks and also referring your friends and family.

You might have heard of Passionsf1.com and you need accurate and honest review about this newly launched platform before investing your money, worry no more as Login9ja.com is here to provide honest review on this platform. Our reviews are authentic without any vested interest. Kindly read this article to the end without skipping a line and do well to share this post to your friends and family on social media using the icons below.

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What is Passionsf1.com all about?

Passionsf1 is an online investment income platform that sells and provide equipment to car racing companies. You earn money as a participant when you purchase and investment plan, perform daily task or refer your friends to participate on the platform. As a newly registered member, you earn 0.1USDT as a daily sign in reward, Registration bonus and trial equipment gift and a lot more.

Passionsf1 Investment Plans

  • Registration bonus and trial equipment gift,
  • Daily sign-in reward (0.1USDT),
  • Minimum deposit 15USDT
  • Minimum withdrawal 4USDT
  • Minimum deposit is $15

Passionsf1.com Registration bonus and trial equipment gift


Passionsf1.com Referral Bonus

Invite friends to invest and earn 8% cash back. You can get 8% invitation bonus multiple times in one promotion. (For example: if your subordinate invests in equipment, you will get 8% of the invitation reward. When your subordinate purchases other equipment again, you will get 8% of the other equipment again)

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*If your subordinates invest, the subordinates will receive lottery opportunities.

When was Passionsf1.com Launched?

Passionsf1 was launched on the 6th of November, 2023. As of the day this article was composed, this platform is just 8days old. I strongly advice you to follow all my instructions to avoid falling prey.

Passionsf1.com Registration (Passionsf1 Register or sign up)

To sign up an account, follow the guide below on how to register.

  • Visit the Passionsf1.com official website
  • Click on Passionsf1 register
  • Fill in the required field including your phone number, preffered password and username
  • Click on the Passionsf1.com sign up button.


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Passionsf1.com Login (Passionsf1 login or sign in)

After a successful account creation, follow the steps below to sign in to your account dashboard.

  • Visit the Passionsf1.com login
  • Input your phone number and password
  • Finally, click on Passionsf1 login to successfully sign in to your Passionsf1.com account dashboard.

Passionsf1.com Invitation code


The Passionsf1 invitation is a unique referral code given to each participants after a successful account creation. Use the code AUURH8to register for a Passionsf1.com account.

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Passionsf1.com App download

The Passionsf1 app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. You can download the app on Google playstore.

Is Passionsf1 Legit or Scam?

Passionsf1.com is a ponzi scheme that was launched on the 6th of November, 2023. It is too early to determine the legitimacy of this platform. Howver, we strongly advice you to join now that the platform is still fresh or don’t join at all. If you are investing on Passionsf1.com, invest wisely, invest with the amount you can afford to loose because this is  a ponzi scheme. So if you want to make money from the platform, ensure you join early.

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Passionsf1.com Review: Is Passionsf1 scam?

No one has reported Passionsf1.com scam, however, we advice to read comments below to know what others are saying about this platform. If you’re already a participant, share your thoughts and experiences using the comment section below.

Who is the founder of Passionsf1.com?

Passionsf1 did not disclose the owner of this platform, they hid this details for reasons best known to them.

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